The Project

The Machinery by Brazil project is a Sector Integrated Project (SIP) for the leather and
footwear machinery market that aims to expand and diversify exportations for companies that participate
of the project. Such initiative, which gathers Brazilian leather and footwear machinery manufacturers,
aims to consolidate and strengthen Brazil´s image as a world-class machinery supplier.

SIP is a result of an agreement between the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment for Leather,
Footwear and allied Trades (ABRAMEQ) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brazil).

To fulfill this plan, the project presents companies as manufacturers and exporters of superior quality and
high technology goods, therefore, strengthening Brazilian Industry references. This promotion has been expanded
by technical activities such as participation in international trade fairs and events, creation of purchasing
projects, conduction of prospective market surveys and setting up of a common distribution channel.
Departing from the projects strategic plan Machinery by Brazil follows the target markets prioritized:
Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, India, Bolivia.

The definition of target markets has been taken out from analysis of several indicators such as machinery
imports in Latin America (source Alaia); worldwide footwear production (source Abicalçados), worldwide
leather exports (source WTO) and worldwide bovine cattle (source: FAO).